Smokehouse "Steam Smoker" Vesta

Furnace - smokehouse with a water bath «STEAM SMOKER» is designed for cooking meat, fish, cheese and vegetables using firewood, charcoal or natural gas.

300 000 руб

  • Steam smoker 200
  • Steam smoker 400
  • Steam smoker 800

Data sheet

Voltage, V 230 V, 50 Hz
Control type Electronic
Working mode Continuous
Maximum temperature in the smoking chamber, C 200
Power consumption, kW Not more than 1
Number of grates, pcs. 1

More info

A distinctive feature of the STEAM SMOKER smokehouse is a bath of water located above the heat source (charcoal brazier or gas burner). The presence of a water bath provides the following advantages:

  • High humidity in the chamber, reducing product moisture loss.
  • A water bath and a steam-smoke mixture evenly distribute the temperature throughout the chamber.
  • Less time for cooking products, compared with "dry" smoking.

(You can learn more about the features of this cooking mode by typing in the search engine a query like “steam smoke smoking”, “steam smoke generator”, etc.)

The smokehouse automatically maintains the set temperature.

The smokehouse is equipped with an electronic control unit and actuators for opening/closing air dampers. The temperature of the smokehouse is set on the electronic unit.

When the smokehouse is connected to the water supply, the water level in the bath is maintained automatically using a float device located in a separate container.

Models comparison

Steam smoker 200 Steam smoker 400 Steam smoker 800
Smoking chamber volume, l 200 400 800
External dimensions, mm 1540х782х1666 2307х782х1666 2612х1053х1666
Weight kg 300 430 540
Grid dimensions, mm 674х550 1440х550 1745х830
Maximum single load of products (on 2 grates, brisket), kg 32 68 124
Approximate consumption of coal/firewood per hour, kg 3 5 10
Ventilation capacity, m3 1000 1500 2000