Frying grate Vesta


Stainless steel cooking grate for closed barbecues (grills) Vesta.
There are two types: "rods" and "plates".
In closed grills, it is possible to work on two grates at the same time. Vesta ovens are equipped with one frying grate.

16 000 руб

  • Vesta 38/23
  • Vesta 25/23
  • Vesta 45/23
  • Vesta 50/23
  • "Прутки"
  • "Пластины"

"Rods" is a classic grill grate, suitable for cooking any product. Good for working with tongs.

"Plates" is a brand Vesta grate with a small distance between the plates, for cooking small products (cutting fruits and vegetables). It is also ideal for fish fillets, cutlets and any product that is handled with a spatula.
for Vesta М38/23 - 616х370 mm
for Vesta М25/23 - 545х480 mm
for Vesta М45/23 - 840х480 mm
for Vesta M50/23 - 840x740 mm