Vesta M50

Recommended for establishments with 150 seats.

Closed grill, designed to work in the professional kitchen of a cafe and restaurant. Combines the advantages of a closed oven and grill, used indoors, works only on charcoal.

EAC certified CE certified NSF certified

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Data sheet

Net weight, kg 262
Weight in the maximum configuration, kg 343
Grilling area (width x depth), mm 840 x 740
Average hourly productivity, kg 110
Consumption of coal per shift, kg 16-20
Air extraction performance, m3/hour 3200
Firing up time, min. 40
Grilling temperature, С up to 350

More info

Ovens — braziers «VESTA» are certified in accordance with GOST 9817-95 "Household solid fuel appliances". Certificates can be viewed at the very bottom of this page.


  • Excellent results on different products.
  • Quick – 30% faster than an open barbecue.
  • Economic – coal consumption is 40% less than that of an open barbecue.
  • Comfort in the kitchen – no extra heat.
  • Adjustable draft allows you to control the temperature in the oven.

An important advantage of VESTA ovens is the high temperature (up to 300°C) inside the oven. Heat is evenly distributed and maintained for a long time.  Due to the high temperature, the natural juice of the products remains inside. The meat is cooked on an open fire, so it is baked, caramelized on the outside.  Due to the high temperatures, the cooking time is minimal, and the products retain their vitamin and mineral composition.  As a result, high productivity and unique taste are achieved.

Oven design VESTA guarantees safe operation when installed indoors.

Stove — the brazier works at charcoal (without gas and electricity). The frying chamber is made of steel of increased heat resistance (17G1S (17GS) - "boiler" steel) 6 mm thick. (Or stainless heat-resistant steel).
Internal thermal insulation saves on coal and eliminates excessive heat around the oven during operation.
Side rails allow you to install the grill in 5 positions in height.


  • Built-in flame arrester;
  • Replaceable protective screen (protects the walls from overheating);
  • Replaceable grate;
  • Air draft regulator (upper and lower);
  • Ash drawer;
  • Thermometer;
  • Stainless steel cooking grate;
  • Product tongs;
  • Charcoal poker
When installed indoors, the grill requires connection to a separate exhaust system, or installation of a hydrofilter. Depending on the load and experience of the operator, the grill can work for a long time on one portion of coal.


VESTA 50 oven with M50 hydrofilter installed