Hydrofilter VESTA Spark M45, М50


Hydrofilter (spark arrester) 'VESTA' - designed for guaranteed 100% extinguishing of sparks and flames from barbecues, barbecues, grills and stoves on coals and open fires.

CE certified NSF certified

234 000 руб


260 000 руб

  • M45
  • M50
  • No
  • Yes

VESTA Spark Arrester certified according to GOST R 53323 — 2009 "Flame and spark arresters". Certificates can be viewed at the very bottom of this page.

The exhaust hood combined with a hydrofilter is equipped with labyrinth stainless steel grease filters. The hydrofilter takes into account the peculiarities of operation in catering establishments and has 3 modes of operation:

  • Main Mode – electricity and water supply on: the pump supplies water to the hydrofilter module, the spray modules (with spray discs) are working
  • Emergency mode – no electricity, water supply temporarily off: dry spark extinguishing, no water spray. Cleaning takes place only due to labyrinth filters, changes in flow rates and the passage of flue gases over a bath of water. During 2-4 hours of operation, the water from the bath with water evaporates, the temperature in the hydrofilter rises. Provides safety during emergency shutdown of thermal equipment.
  • Self-cleaning mode – removal of internal deposits of soot, fat, ash and tar (maintenance frequency 1 time per week).


    1. It is located above the brazier (stove). Does not take up usable space in the kitchen or utility rooms.
    2. Combined with a hood. Does not require additional costs for an umbrella.
    3. No water spray nozzles. Nothing to hit. Reliable operation and rare cleaning. Spraying occurs due to the rotors – sprayers. And they work equally well in clean and dirty water.
    4. Two independent water curtains
    5. Two separate inlets for hot gases. When installed on the furnace, the main volume of hot gases exits through the pipe. For these gases, additional purification and cooling is organized, the passage through the "waterfall" from the circulation pump and only after that they enter the water curtain from the rotors, mix with the air from the kitchen, taken through the exhaust hood. This scheme reduces the overall cost of cooling and gas purification.
    6. Purification and cooling of the entire volume of air. All the air taken in by the exhaust hood passes through several stages of spark suppression and a water curtain.
    7. Reliability. Tests have shown 100% spark suppression even when the water curtains are not working or if the spark arrester is not assembled correctly.
    8. Closed water cycle. This allows you to save water and work autonomously when it is impossible to supply sewerage and water supply.
    9. Serviceability. All operations for disassembly, cleaning, repair of the spark arrester are carried out from the front side. All parts and assemblies are easily accessible.

If it is not possible to connect the exhaust air duct from the top of the hydrofilter, it can be done from behind, having previously ordered the version of the hydrofilter with a rear outlet.


Hydrofilter module without umbrella

Hydrofilter M45 (Module, umbrella on installed Vesta M25/23 oven)

Hydrofilter M45 (Module, umbrella on the installed Vesta M45/23 oven)

Hydrofilter M50 (Module, umbrella on installed Vesta M50/23 oven)

How it works:


Air extraction performance, m3/hour 4000
Spark removal efficiency, % 100
Flame cleaning efficiency, % 100
Soot removal efficiency, % 95
Efficiency of cleaning from grease and tar, % 90
Smoke cleaning efficiency, % 60
Odors cleaning efficiency, % 60
Smoke cooling, C from 200 to 35
Voltage, V 230
Power consumption, kW 0,35