Wood Smoker VESTA "Dakota 700"


Designed for smoking meat, fish, ribs, sausages, brisket, cheese, vegetables and other products. Suitable for commercial and industrial use.

1 595 000 руб

Data sheet

Net weight, kg 2000
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm 2770 x 1620x 2300
Grilling area (width x depth), mm 1070 x 420
Coal consumption per day, kg 12
Voltage, V 230, 380
Power consumption, kW not more than 1
Type of heating coal, firewood
Installation type carousel
Control type electronic, manual
Working mode continuous
Maximum temperature in the smoking chamber, C 220
Number of grates included, pcs. 18 (3 pcs./basket)
Maximum one-time loading of products, kg 450
Number of baskets in the smoking chamber, pcs. 6
Total smoking area, m2 8.1

More info

The perfect smokehouse. Runs on wood or charcoal. Precisely maintains the temperature in the chamber using electronics. The temperature uniformity inside the chamber is 2.3 degrees.
By balancing smoking and languishing, you can get unique products with a memorable texture. Light and airy sous vide. The most delicious brisket and sausages can be obtained in Dakota in large quantities.


  • Large product load
  • The unique taste of meat is achieved by passing through different temperature zones during rotation
  • Even cooking of the product on different shelves
  • Small wood consumption
  • Electronic control
  • Ease of use
  • Forgiving the chef's mistakes, does not require the constant presence of a person


Stove execution with left/right firebox, color and type of coatings are consistent with Ch. designer Kostrov S.

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