Smokehouse grill VESTA Texas BBQ


The leader of the American 'backyard' among charcoal barbecues. 4 in one. You get a grill, a barbecue, a smokehouse, and with a cauldron stand, you also get a cauldron oven.

48 000 руб

Data sheet

Net weight, kg 91
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm 1390 x 770 x 1368

More info

  • Universality. 4 in one. You get: grill, barbecue, smokehouse, and with stand for the cauldron you also get an oven for the cauldron.
  • Free time! – set a proper temperature and feel free for about 4 hours!
  • Cooks by itself in any weather.
  • There is no need to turn meat on shelves. The meat is getting prepared well from both sides. High temperature evenness.
  • High accuracy of temperature maintenance (regulation system - as in professional restaurant ovens).

Package contents:

  • Tray for collecting fat in the smoking chamber,
  • Grate for smoking/barbecue,
  • Ash tray,
  • Grate (for charcoal),
  • Foot plate for a 5L cauldron (d=260 mm).



The body of the grill is made of 5 mm boiler steel. The fire grate/coal compartment is made of a similar grade steel. This is a kind of “chamber in chamber”.

Coal or firewood is placed into a separate box (chamber). You cook kebabs or steaks like in a usual grill. With a cauldron stand you may cook a delicious pilaf. The second chamber is intended for indirect heating. You can grill and smoke other products there.

An internal chamber-to-chamber shutter runs along the entire grill length. As a result, heat and smoke from the lower chamber are evenly distributed inside the upper chamber. The products are cooked evenly in the whole chamber.

The temperature remains constant. The coal burning temperature is adjusted with the upper and lower shutters. With air locked by the lower shutters it is possible to calm down the charcoal. Accurate temperature is maintained within 2 degrees. The temperature can be brought down to ensure semi hot smoking. With air flow increased a temperature from 120 to 140 degrees is maintained for grilling. The middle shutter is additionally used for controlling the temperature between chambers.

A removable fire grate is made of boiler steel (coal grate) and can be adjusted by height.

The ash tray is easily pulled out and emptied.

The grill may be placed on any surface without any effect on the floor. A fat collecting container is hung under the smoking chamber.

With large wheels and an extensible handle used you can roll out the grill for picnics and roll in for storage.

Handles always remain cold and safe.

The smoking chamber/barbeque racks are easily removed for cleaning after cooking.

There are additional side tables. There are special openings drilled in removable table brackets for hanging tools. For example, a poker.



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