Coal smoker VESTA "Model K"

Smokehouse "VESTA K" is an independent product that can work on coals (wood) and, when replacing the brazier with an electric or gas single-burner stove, on electricity or gas.

72 100 руб

Data sheet

Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm 585 x 550 x 1466
Chamber internal dimensions (width x depth x height), mm 456 x 415 x 722
Type of heating coal, firewood, gas, electricity
Number of grates, pcs. 2
Maximum number of grates, pcs. 6

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  • The smoker is accessible, unpretentious and gets the job done.
  • The design of the smokehouse is made according to the "chamber in the chamber" scheme, which ensures the separation of the working volume and the furnace.
  • Heating of the working chamber occurs from all sides at the same time.
  • Combustion products from coals do not mix with smoking smoke from fine wood chips.
  • Due to the separate control of the chambers, the smoke is "locked" inside the smoking chamber for the entire duration of the preparation of the product.
  • Saving wood chips, adjusting the concentration of smoke, as well as independent temperature control — the main qualities of our smokehouse.


  • Grate;
  • Ash tray;
  • Fat/chip tray;
  • Smoking grate - 2pcs;



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