Robata grill VESTA


Robata Grill VESTA - 100*16/100*25 is an outdoor charcoal grill that is ideal for cooking on small skewers (robatayaki). Grilling area is 1000x160 mm or 1000x250 mm (x3 levels).

100 000 руб

  • 100*16
  • 100*25

The VESTA robata charcoal grill is intended for cooking meat, fish, cheese and vegetables exclusively using charcoal in catering establishments and food retailers. It is allowed to install equipment in buildings, structures, public places, etc.

Included accessories:

  • Skewer supports;
  • Tongs;
  • Grease trays - 3 pcs.;
  • Temperature regulation grate;
  • Adjustable rails - 5 pcs.;

Model Comparison

VESTA-100*16 VESTA-100*25
Length x Width x Height, mm 1200x400x650 1200x490x650
Weight, kg 60 80
Working area size, mm 1000x160 1000x250
Coal consumption, kg 10-12 12-14


Charcoal Robata grill Vesta 100*16

Charcoal Robata grill Vesta 100*25

Additional accessories


Firing up time, min. 20
Type of heating coal
Temperature regime, C 250