Wood fired VESTA pizza ovens


It is easy to operate, quickly heats up and keeps warm due to special thermal insulation made of ceramic wool, is not afraid of long periods of downtime. All stoves are designed for outdoor use in a summer cafe or in the country. Complete with a hydrofilter can be installed indoors.

350 000 руб

  • «2 pizzas»
  • «4 pizzas»
  • «7 pizzas»

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In our pizza ovens, you can cook not only pizza, but also pies, dishes based on simmering and long exposure at a slowly falling temperature. You can also bake pastries and bread in it. To do this, the heat capacity of the hearth was increased; under has a thickness of 9 cm, and not 2-3, as in analogues. The thermal insulation of the ovens has also been improved.

In addition, in order to exclude smoke emissions into the room, the design and proportions of the furnace mouth were finalized taking into account the experience of designing Russian furnaces.

The pizza oven is designed to work exclusively on wood or charcoal.

Feature Comparison:

"2 pizzas"* "4 pizzas"* "7 pizzas"*
Weight, kg 160 228 380
Hearth area, m2 0,31 0,46 0,92
Hearth dimensions, cm 61 х 51 76 х 61 122 х 76
Warm-up time, min 25 30 35
Capacity in pizzas D30 cm, pcs 1 2 4
Capacity in bread, kg 2/4 4/8 9/18
Average fuel consumption, kg/h 3 4 9
Maximum oven temperature, С 500 500 500
Air extraction capacity, m3/h 600-800 1000 1000-1200
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 894 х 883 х 806 1044 х 985 х 768 1500 х 1217 х 898
Height with stand, mm 1532 1728 1858
Chimney, mm 150 150 150
Thermometer ** нет нет нет

* Pizza capacity is calculated according to Italian standards based on the area of the hearth, the diameter of the pizza is assumed to be 30cm. The area occupied by firewood is not taken into account.

** Why don't we install pointer thermometers on our pizza ovens? When baking pizza or bread according to Italian or Russian standards, the temperatures of the hearth and arch are discussed. A thermometer mounted on the wall of a pizza oven shows the average air temperature in the combustion chamber, which does not help to cook a delicious product. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a pyrometer (infrared thermometer) to measure the temperature of the hearth and arch, which is always available, as an accessory to our pizza ovens.


"2 Pizzas" oven

"4 Pizzas" oven

"7 Pizzas" oven

"4 Pizzas" oven with VESTA M45 hydrofilter