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The FES smoke filter provides fine air purification from fumes of various densities, oil and fat aerosols and strong odors.

Electrostatic installation for air purification from smoke and odors FES is made in the form of unified in size sequentially arranged channel modules: mechanical purification, ionization and ozonation, precipitation and hepa-adsorption. The modules are equipped with trays for collecting oil and fat aerosol. Passing through the modules of the installation, the air is sequentially cleaned from smoke, oil aerosols and odors.

The STRADA FES air purification unit is controlled by a control panel based on the Schneider Electric element base, which is included in the delivery set. When used on sources with open fire, the FES air purification unit is equipped with a hydrofilter.

The hydrofilter ensures complete fire safety of the entire ventilation network, and also captures soot and ash from the air, preventing contamination of the STRADA FES smoke filter. Also, the hydrofilter cools the air to 40-50 C, which allows the use of fans of general industrial design.

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