Passports and manuals


If it becomes necessary to coordinate the installation of the oven with representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we recommend that you print 4 documents for a meeting: Passport for the Vesta oven, User Manual for the Vesta hydrofilter, and 2 certificates of fire safety compliance for the oven and hydrofilter.


Fire safety certificates NSOPB

Сертификат о пожарной безопасности печей-мангалов Веста
Vesta ovens
Spark arrester
Pizza ovens, Mangals Vega & Argentina, Santa Maria
Chicken grill Vesta

Eurasian Conformity ЕАС

Vesta ovens
Spark arrester
Vega Mangal

European conformity СЕ

Vesta ovens
Spark arrester

NSF Certificate

NSF Certified
Ovens & Spark arrester