Temperature signaling device (emergency) VESTA


The temperature signaling device is designed for light and sound signaling that the specified temperature threshold in the air duct has been exceeded.

21 400 руб

A temperature threshold is set on the controller, upon reaching which the device signals with a siren and signal lamp until the temperature drops below the threshold.

The temperature probe is installed in the air duct after the hydrofilter.


  • The ability to connect to the fire alarm panels of shopping centers and restaurants;
  • Suitable for any hydraulic filters;
  • Allows you to control the operation of stoves, barbecues and hydraulic filters.

Method for setting the temperature threshold.

  • Within a few days, by observing the temperature readings on the controller, find out the maximum temperature in the duct (the hydrofilter must be clean).
  • According to the passport for the controller, set the temperature threshold according to the formula: maximum temperature +5 degrees.
The consequence of any emergency situations (water shutdown, failure of the circulation pump, etc.) will be an increase in temperature in the duct.